Friday, February 18, 2011

Cute things my kids say and do...

This post may not make sense to anyone except me. I just want to document the things I remember about my boys so that I won't forget as time goes by. I have memory books for both of them, but there isn't enough room to capture everything. I think this is just another one of my attempts to freeze time and pretend they'll never grow up :)

Actually, speaking of growing up...
Me: Daniel, don't grow up, ok?
Daniel: No Mommy, I want to grow up
Me: Why?
Daniel: So I can have my birthday party

Whenever Daniel is in the bathroom, he tells me to shut to door because he needs "some privacy please". But Timmy is always allowed in and says "pivasee mommy" and then shuts the door in my face..

This one made my heart melt...
The boys were pointing at my wedding ring and asking what it was for. I tried my best to explain to them that when Daddy knew that he loved me, he wanted to ask me if I would marry him (live with him in his house), and gave me the ring to show me how much he loved me. Then I explained that when they were older, they would find a girl they loved and ask that girl the same question. So I asked Daniel, "which girl are you going to ask to live with you?" I figured he would tell me one of the girls in his class, but he looked really seriously and said "But I want to live with you, Mommy"...I literally melted at that moment.

The other day we were at a friends house and Daniel asked if he could pray. Usually he says the same prayer they say at school (God is good, God is great, let us thank Him for our food...) But that day, he pulled one out of left field. He closes his eyes, folded his hands and very seriously sang (to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"):
'Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, you are the Holy Spirit. Amen'
LOL- interesting theology, Daniel!

We were reading the book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and Daniel kept asking why the Grinches heart was too small. And then he answered his own question and said, "Oh, is it because Jesus wasn't in his heart?" Yes, Daniel, that's exactly why. So now I add my own ending to the story, that as he came down and decided to like Christmas with the Who's, it was because he realized it was Jesus' birthday and he wanted Jesus to come in his heart. That will only last until the boys start to read ;)

And here is a dictionary of things my kids mispronounce. I never get sick of it. Makes me smile every time.
Mosquito bite = Riskeeto bite
Distract= Ristract
Hiccups= Piccups
Lemonade= nemandade
Veggietales= Beggietales
Alter= Walter

I can probably come up with a million more, but that's just a bit for now. I'm thankful for my boys' simple hearts and minds and how they make me smile every day.

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